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In architecture, know-how encompasses the conceptual, programmatic, administrative, legislative and technical understanding that fuels the design and the realization of a building. Although it supports it, know-how differs from theoretical knowledge. It is strongly anchored in the practice of architecture and in the mastery of design: an expertise in form and function as well as an understanding of the techniques used by builders to realize the work. It is this know-how that FSA Architecture strives to instill in all of its projects.

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From the first meeting to the last step of construction, we pride ourselves on the personalized interactions that we have with our partners and collaborators. Our projects are conceived to serve people and this approach shapes the quality of the work and the buildings themselves.

We place ourselves at the centre of development and act as facilitators and integrators. Our approach is intended to highlight the strengths of each member of the team to foster exchange and creative problem solving. As a result, sustainable, unique projects that more than meet the needs of the user are realized. Thanks to our collaborators and to our teammates who embrace our philosophy, our results exceed the sum of the contributions of those involved; we multiply the possible.