Architecture is created by the desire of some to protect and organize their private, professional or public activities and the ability of others to listen to the expression of this desire and to integrate it with elegance and harmony into the environment where it needs to materialize.

For over 30 years, FSA ARCHITECTURE has been among those firms which make a difference.


Listen, integrate, materialize


Listen, integrate, materialize


FSA ARCHITECTURE’s professionals take nothing for granted. Each client is treated as a new discovery, their project requiring the development of new methods or the enhancement of existing skills. This perception of striving for excellence in our encounter with constantly changing challenges motivates the FSA management and staff. Prior to advancing proposals, we engage in a thorough process of listening, observing and researching in order to ascertain functional and technical requirements of the client.


Every project has its unique environmental profile: an existing building, a conforming or nonconforming urban site or a landscape of unlimited possibilities. These are basic characteristics which we integrate into our design process. As well, we are particularly attentive to our research findings regarding the extraordinary diversity of social, economic and cultural contexts in which we operate. These data contribute impact on how we formulate the objectives of our intervention. The acquisition of relevant weather data and its impact on factors such as user comfort and material selection, is the final component of a thorough information gathering process and is factored into the development of our integrated solution we propose.


The combined expertise of our teams, our regular contractors and all of the specialists with whom we coordinate our efforts enables us to concretize the initial client expectations into a final set of project parameters; and to nourish the design process that leads to solutions which reflect our creative qualities and which satisfy the expectations, needs and constraints of the client. The achievements presented on this site, demonstrate the ability of our teams to participate in the development and enrichment of the environments in which we operate. We are grateful for the many testimonials received from people inhabit these projects and for whom FSA ARCHITECTURE's efforts have made an important difference.

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