Pierrefonds Library - Expansion

Services Provided
14 M
Finalist in the design competition for the expansion and redevelopment of Pierrefonds Library

The borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro aims to expand and redevelop the Pierrefonds Library in order to improve the services of the existing library and to provide new services to the local, growing population. The project was to redevelop and enlarge the current library, within the standards of universal accessibility, to provide more space to users than to collections, to promote socialization, mediation, training and creation activities and to focus on youth spaces in order to address that 20% of the community's population is between 0 and 14 years old.

The design goals were to decongest spaces to allow the freer display of existing collections, to improve functionality and circulation, to create spaces for new collections, to define work and reading areas (currently almost non-existent), to conceive a family oriented building and to completely redefine the services offered to make it a more attractive, multifunctional and dynamic library.

Area: 4 000 m2 Client: City of Montréal, Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough Joint venture with Atelier Big City and l'OEUF