Renovation of DB Clarke Theater

Services Provided
Feasibility Study / Plans and Specifications / Coordination / Services During Construction
1,4 M

The aim of the DB Clarke Theatre renovation was to modernize and update to current standards the 380 seats theatre built in 1964 in the lower level of the Hall Building of Concordia University. This theatre is used both for educational purposes by the Faculty of Fine Arts and for events open to the public. With a limited budget, the mandate was to make a safer theatre for actors, technicians, students and spectators and to improve the functionality of the staging equipment. The objectives of the University required a program that, in addition to the upgrade and improvement of the staging equipment, created a more welcoming and comfortable theatre. This was achieved by the installation of new seats, a new curtain, an improved ventilation system, more efficient lighting, new floor finishes and restored woodwork.

In addition, internal and external lobbies were reconfigured and renovated to offer more flexible spaces that satisfied both the educational requirements of the Faculty and of the entertainment industry. This resulted in versatile lobbies that can serve as presentation spaces or work areas for students, in addition to serving as gathering places before or after performances.

Area: 8 000 m2 Client: Concordia University