Expertise of a terraced garden system

Services Provided
Maintien d'actifs
4 000 000 $

The purpose of this expertise is to evaluate the overall condition of the water sealing system of the terrace and garden roof to assess its life span, establish an order of priority, give recommendation for corrective measures, repair works or refection. This is necessary to ensure complete waterproofing of the buildings, protection of building structure and surrounding retails stores situated on lower levels that would be affected by water infiltrations.

The main building and the 3 residential towers of Guy-Favreau Complex are multi-storey buildings with retails stores on the lower levels and many underground parking levels . The structure is made of concrete and the outer envelope in mainly made of masonry. The central part of the main building and of the residential towers consists of a terrace and garden roof, which some sections have been repaired over the years. It was initially covered with concrete tiles and precast concrete panels which were replaced with granite tiles and panels.